Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's currently bugging the crap out of me today

The phrase "in other words..."
No, there are NON OTHER WORDS! None. Not at all. WHen I say something, it's exactly what I mean and what it is. If I say "computer" that's what I mean. It requires no addendum. "So in other words, a laptop" means shit to me.
I need to take a shit. "In other words, void your bowels". No, take a shit. No other words, explanation, no translation, nothing.

Those who use military spelling of words....Mary-Abel-Foxrot etc etc
Just spell out the freakin word. I can understand what the letters mean. Really I can. I have no friggin clue what Bravo means outside a quirky cable station. We're not all 90 years old, or ex-military.

That's all. One of those days.