Friday, August 19, 2011

Falling Skies

So yet another Sci-Fi~ish show sucks me in. Although this one did due to Spielberg's attachment, and the fact that it's set in Mass.
Oh, and Acton, too! That's right, much of the episodes take place in Acton, where the survivors have holed up to wait out the alien invasion. The survivors are a mix of military-type people and civilians.

The scenario is that 6 months before, aliens land and attack the Earth. Survivors in the military, ie Army, Navy, etc. as well as reserves and National Guard band together to create a militia-type force. First Mass, 2nd Mass, etc. And each band has civilians with them.

The show's action focuses on Boston and the outlying suburbs, including the aforementioned Acton. Having went to high school in Acton I must say the TV Acton looks totally different. I don't remember hills in the background, for example.
Also, it appears that the aliens, in the initial assault, only killed the fat, old and ugly. Because what seems to be left over are the young and good looking. Oh, and very diverse with about every race and culture represented.

TV is TV. Oh, well. I wish there was more mayhem, violence, humans reverting to primal behavior, blah blah, but it's not bad. Not good enough to be "must-see" as I find us saving up 3 or 4 episodes on the DVR to watch, but better than most junk. And at least it's coming back, unlike "The Event", "Invasion", "Aliens in America", "Cavemen"......

And only a month to go before "Terra Nova".