Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3 of sports radio blackout

I'm forced to listen to NPR.  At last I'll know they'll not speak of that barbaric sport. Only 2 or 3 weeks to go. Maybe. Good thing about not being in the NE area is it's easier to hide from it all.

Although a few articles make it better:

Bob Ryan  puts everything into perspective, as he usually does.  And Borges be's Borges, and he's right. At season start the team did seem young and inexperienced. Not much you can do about that. Before the game that was the number one fear, playing with players without playoff experience.

Besides, it is nice to be in this position, bummed about not getting the 4th trophy. Just wish it hadn't been against a friggin' NY (ne NJ) team. 

And spring training is only a month or so away.

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