Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, Christmas

Hello New Year!
ok, so in this past year...the Sox laid an egg, but at the year end they redeemed themselves by picking up Carl Crawford, and trading for the real gem, Adrian Gonzo! Of course now Sox fans can no longer bitch about the Yanks "buying" a championship. We have become what we once hated and despised.

The Pats laid a huge egg on the last game of the 2009 season, at home no less, but seem to be on the road to redemption. Again. Heading towards 14-2, hitting the stride at the right time, and yet people still bitch. For those of us who remember 46-10, Scott Secules, Victor Kiam, "roughing" the passer, etc. etc., 4 SB trips, 3 champs in 10 years is still pretty sweet. Competing most every year, always in the hunt....I'm sure just about every other city would switch places.  My opinion? They're winning number 4 this season, mark my words.

So a year of lives lost, new additions, and various trips. 600 miles in one day, a couple of coast-to-coast trips, hot weather, too cold weather, old connections renewed, new ones made.

And special thanks to the prez's stimulus monies...yes, the communities and cities starting new water projects keeps me working yet another year.