Monday, January 11, 2010


No one says it's over until we say it's over! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
Ah, never mind.
So the Pats got a prison they haven't won the big one since 2004...they're not done and done. Everyone thought the Steelers were done 2 years ago, and last year they won it all.

Everyone thought Manning was done last no over talk crap.
For long time Pats fans, this past decade has been amazing. 4 SB's, 3 victories....made the playoffs in all but 2 years. Think it's bad now? Remember Rod Rust, Victor Kiam, Tommy Hodsen, Zeke Mowatt, 1-15, 2-14...etc.

Tom King gives some hope, and Steve Solloway slaps some sense into the naysayers.

Maybe New Englanders just like misery. It could be way worse. You could be a fan in Cleveland, or Jacksonville, or Kansas City. Your team sucks, and when the season is over, you're still suck in that shit-hole city.