Monday, December 13, 2010

Just in time for Christmas

Courtesy of Richard Roeper...

5 reasons why George Bailey isn't such a wonderful guy in "It's a Wonderful Life":

1. When George Bailey realizes Uncle Billy lost the $8,000, he grabs him, assaults him, and sends the "silly old fool" down the river. Nice guy!

2. After the money is lost, he goes home and terrorizes his family. Great. The first sign of distress, and he takes it out on his family.

3. He goes to a bar, gets hammered, then drives drunk.

4. Driving drunk he crashes his car, and stumbles away, leaving the scene of an accident.

5. And of course, tries to commit suicide, potentially leaving his wife to raise the 4 kids alone as a widow.

Honestly, what with the music, saloons, nightlife, the town looked better off had he never been born!

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