Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revenge game?

Not that I think it's a revenge game, but it's a game the Pats not only have to win, but really have to smack them back. 3-1. A win keeps them up with the Jets, a loss keeps them at the mediocre level in the conference.

 Shaughnessy seems to think it's a revenge game.  Well, maybe not revenge as he describes the angst of a season-ending loss. And of course Borges' article spotlights the visiting team. Of course.

I continue to amaze at the B grade and below movies SyFy offers up, especially at this time of year. Last night it was "The Final", a typical put-upon students exacting brutal revenge on their tormenters. Had a little bit of "Saw" in it, what with the voice distorter, the "cut-someone-else-to-save-yourself" thing, etc. And since they bleeped out the bad words, I know it wasn't made for TV.

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