Friday, February 13, 2009

Ernie Roberts

I remember reading the sports pages of the daily newspaper as early as 7 years old. Back then, it was the only way to find out what happened the night before with the local sports teams. Plus, when living on the West coast it was the only way to keep up with out-of-town teams.

Lucky for me my first sports page experiences were the Boston Globe, and the LA Times.

Late in the 70's, every Saturday morning was a column from one of my favorite writers, Ernie Roberts. He had a column "Thoughts while shaving" which became the standard for all of the "bits and pieces" columns that many, if not all sportswriters have been piecing together since.

Except that Roberts columns weren't just leftover scraps tossed together or phoned in. They were researched, thoughtful, pertinent, valid, but most of all, they started off with a "Good Morning", and more importantly, a breakfast choice relevant to the first bit.
(Note: I was misinformed on his whereabouts. I apologize).

Here's some samples of his infamous breakfast choices:

  • Good morning! Colleague Joe Concannon, just back from a New Zealand vacation, recommends this Auckland breakfast special: cheese omelet with a small lamb chop and pot of tea.
  • Good morning! Join our post-holiday austerity program with breakfast right out of the Scarsdale Diet: half a grapefruit, one slice of unbuttered protein toast and coffee straight . . .
  • Good morning! Diet breakfast again? I've decided never on Saturday. Drop an egg on that corned-beef hash, surround it with wheat muffins and, yes, bring on that second cup of coffee..
  • Good morning! Here's a challenge to Saturday breakfast appetites from Pittsburgh third baseman Bill Madlock: "I love a plateful of pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, all splashed with Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup.". .
  • Good morning! Boston College hockey captain Steve Barger has a Beanpot Tourney breakfast favorite: a pint of orange juice, English muffins, ham-and- cheese omelet and, of course, a side order of beans.
  • Good morning! Signor Rip Valenti, whose 79th birthday came on Valentine's Day, will gird for his Marvin Hagler-Loucif Hamani fight promotion today (Ch. 7, 4:55 p.m.) in Portland with this favorite breakfast: orange juice, two dropped eggs on toast and coffee . . .
  • Good morning! Stoking up midway through the ECAC hockey championships at the Garden, Dartmouth goaltender Bob Gaudet will breakfast today on blueberry pancakes, link sausage and two large glasses of orange juice.
  • Good morning! Meadowlark (his real name, honestly) Lemon doesn't eat like a bird. "For breakfast on the West Coast I have a big fruit salad, couple of hard boiled eggs and juice. Here in Boston I like corned beef hash with a poached egg and tea with, naturally, lemon," says Lark, whose new basketball team, the Bucketeers, appears at the Garden tomorrow afternoon . . .
  • Good morning! Ever try sliced banana and Cheerios fried in butter for breakfast? Nothing better, swears Clayton (Lone Ranger) Moore. "Even got my horse, Silva, nibbling on that instead of sugar," said Moore, who was here for the Foxboro harness opener last night . . .
  • Good morning! Fresh strawberries over cornflakes this merry day and a large slice of Irish bread to herald the departure for Dublin of Belmont author George and Betty Sullivan on their 25th wedding anniversary trip . . .
  • Good morning! Pretty Pat Bradley plays golf on a skimpy breakfast of juice, one egg on toast and Sanka. Yet the Westford star, who previewed next month's Boston Five Classic site at Ferncroft CC this week, says it still cost her $35,000 for expenses on the LPGA Tour last year
  • Good morning! To stoke up for his fishing trip to Red Sand Lake, Canada, today, Celtic draftee Kevin McHale will make himself a Hibbing (Minn.) breakfast of a quart of orange juice and a four-egg, ham and cheese omelet . . .

Ahh, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day.