Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas is over

Just some random holiday thoughts....

- The season now starts in October, and continues through December, lingering into January. Of course the Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan 6 (Epiphany) but the other 99% dont's.
So with the all-seasonal music stations, music in the stores and malls, specials, etc., the so-called "War on Christmas" is over. Done.

- It's time the networks put the tired "specials" to rest. Rudolph was dumb and clunky when I first saw it as a kid, and it just gets worse every year. Really bad animation, too. A Gumby for Christmas. And the storyline is just an ad campaign. What I miss are the Norelco commercials from the '60's, which had the elves sledding down the hills on a razor. Frosty needs to go, too. An even dumber storyline...a snowman that comes to life? Kinda spooky, if you ask me. And the scene where the little girl is with Frosty in the greenhouse is the worst. He melts slowly in front of her...I can imagine the last few minutes of his life as he literally melts in front of her eyes. I wonder if he screams for help, or mercy while she watches.

- No more new Holiday albums. It's the last gasp for most bands, but a prolific one, as the public eats it up. Country stars love this crap.

- I miss when "It's a wonderful life" was in the public domain, back in the 80's. It would be on all month, on every channel. Some good prints, some crappy, even a colorized version. You could literally tune in on Christmas Eve, switch channels, and see the movie's different parts. At 7, you could watch the ending...switch to PBS at 9, and see the beginning...on Fox at 10, see the end in color. Now it's on a couple times.

- But I can't get enough of "A Christmas Story". I love the 24 hours of it on the Eve.

- "Scrooged" is the best version of "A Christmas Carol" out there. Up-to-date, although it does reek of the 80's, and really stays close to the original story. The (Marley) Ghost preaches of mercy, charity and mankind...Frank Cross snubs those who want and need at the beginning, his past shows where he lost the way, and his redemption shows him preaching charity. Kinda falls apart at the end, though, when Bill Murray's "Frank Cross" experiences his change, and becomes, well, Bill Murray.

And that's all...only 300 days to go before the "war" begins again.

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