Tuesday, August 14, 2007



and me "Simpsonized"!!

So 20 years ago I was living in an apartment, watching the Tracy Ullman show with friends, especially the 3 minute animated shorts. When we heard that they were going to expand these shorts into a half-hour show starting in 1989, I commented that I didn't think they could sustain the comedy for a half-hour.
And here it is, 20 years, 18 seasons, and one movie later. I think they sustained.

If you love or like the Simpsons, you'll love the movie. Otherwise, you might not get it. Despite the PG-13 rating, they didn't go over the top with the jokes and innuendo. Oh, they did get away with stuff they can't on T.V.: Homer flipping the double-bird to the town, Marge using a G-D it, and Otto tokin' on a bong (U.S. Bong, if I saw correctly).
Basically, it is what it is: a 30 minute episode stretched out to an hour and a half. And that's good enough for me.