Friday, April 06, 2007

Pet food, and the Planet of the Apes

So recently, there's been a rash of poisoned pet food, mainly dog and cat food, resulting in deaths across the country. The scary part of it is that the movie series "Planet of the Apes" predicted this years ago.

Remember how the apes took control of the Earth...there was a virus, a disease that spread across the planet that affected all dogs and cats. The people wound up burning the corpses of the animals, for fear of the disease spreading to humans. Having no pets, the people turned to apes and monkeys for companionship (for reasons I'll never understand. Having a monkey or chimp as a pet would be like having kid lite).
Over time, they teach the apes tasks such as house keeping, waiters and waitresses, janitorial duties. Basically the jobs that most people don't want to do. (I'm assuming they've run out of illegal immigrants). The apes revolt, and thus create the planet of the same name.

Of course, according to "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes", this was all supposed to happen by 1991, which, in our life, has come and gone.

Maybe they just had the dates wrong.

Some trivia: The novel "Planet of the Apes" is more like the 2001 version than the 1968 one, as the astronaut takes off from the Planet de Apes, and, after travelling through time, crash-lands back on Earth, in Paris, which is now ruled and occupied by the apes.
I'm guessing the French rolled over yet again.