Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's cold here, something I hadn't planned on, so I had to dig my sweat shirts, fleece socks and pants, etc. out of the plastic, sealed containers from the garage. The name of the game is layers. Long sleeve tee, and a hooded zipper sweatshirt, jeans and cumfy fleece socks. As the day progresses, and the sun heat's the house, I can relax in the bare feet.
I don't understand why it's one of the coldest Winters here, as one chick on TV said. I've been doing my part to accelerate the greenhouse effect. By the looks of the freeways, I'm not alone. Maybe it's time to remove the catalytic converter. Ha.

But it's a different kind of cold, since there's little to no humidity. It's dry, raw. And as the sun crosses the sky, it actually warms up a bit. But it does get cold as soon as it disappears behind the mountains.
About the only thing I miss is the gas fireplace, but that's one of the 'must-have's' for the new place, so I guess i can wait.
And being that it's December 20, tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. For the 'glass full' people, it means that everything starts warming up. Solstice.

We spent Thanksgiving at Disneyland, finding out it's the second-busiest day of the year for them, Christmas being the busiest. So that's out for Christmas. Maybe just a day at the beach, soaking the sun. Seems right.