Monday, November 06, 2006

Stupid banks

So I signed up with a new credit union here; start the direct deposits.
At DCU, my old bank, I call to cancel my card, and the account.
I'm told (by non-english) that I need to put it in writing.
Ok, I say, but i want you to disable my account now. I can't, she says,
unless your card is lost or stolen.
Um, I say, ok, I lost it. She cancels it. The card. Not the account.
I buy some songs from iTunes...prior to changing my iTunes account. I quickly change, adding my new card, deleting the old.
5 tunes. 4 get charged to my new card, one to the old. Don't ask me why, or how.
So 1.09 hits my DCU account, the one I tried to cancel, the one with no funds...and I get hit with a $25 charge. Insufficient funds.
I call, and get a guy who doesn't live in this country. I'm so frustrated at this point...I ask him where he is. He tells me he's in the "main branch"..Where's that, I ask...."Marlboro". I have him spell "Marlboro" for me...

Finally I request someone from my branch (Littleton). She explains to me that she'll refund the penalty charge, and for me to write a letter closing my account.
Now keep in mind that I have $5 in my savings...$5 needed to keep my account active, the same account I want to cancel.
So last week, I get a letter from DCU. Telling me that I have a negative balance in my checking ($1.09), and, if I don't respond by Nov. 15, they'll cancel my account, using the $5 in my savings to cover the checking.
So I'm off the hook..
Now today, I get a call from DCU...informing me I had a negative balance in my checking..I told her to use the $5 in my savings to cover. She says that the $5 is needed to keep my account open. I tell her I want to cancel my account. She says no, I have to do that in writing. I said "what if I do nothing"?
Well, she says, we'll close your account and use the $5 to cover.