Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Manhatten...

So this time, I had to get up extra-early, and take the red eye Acela. Red eye, because it leaves before 8 AM. And I had little to no sleep the night before. It was one of those nights that I feel I'm forcing myself to go to sleep, which makes it worse, more stressful. And about every hour, I look at the clock, and count down the hours until the waves crash.

The morning went by quickly. The train was empty, of course, and I arrived in Penn at 11, took a cab to Times Square (had to give the cabbie an address, as he's never heard of the hotel), checked in, and took the subway to Queens (L.I. City). And after that, went on a walkabout to the upper West Side...
That's from 41st street, up to 82nd street. I wanted to take the Seinfeld self-tour, plus soak in the rays at the same time. The walk proved to be exhausting, so I hopped the subway for a portion of the trip back...well worth it.
And grabbed a cheesesteak sub for dinner.

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